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Munch K.

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In this Community Spotlight, we are presenting to you the work of Munch K., an artist who makes tons of very detailed Metroid art, and sometimes crossovers with other franchises such as Doom. He also makes a lot of artworks poking fun at the Metroid universe and adapt some popular memes to its universe. We hope you’ll consider checking out his social media pages and give him a follow to support his great work!

Munch K.

Hello, my name is Johnny, aka Munch K. I am an artist and a really big Metroid fan. I’ve loved making art ever since I first held a pencil and paper to this very day. For most of my life I’ve worked with traditional media, only starting work with digital media in recent years. My main thing is making fan-art of my favorite series. I also do commission work here and there as a side job.

I first found out about Metroid with what I personally believe to be the best Metroid for newcomers: Zero Mission. I remember going through the Kraid’s lair, the music and the visuals were all completely new to me, unknown and filled with an ominous aura, like anything could jump out at any moment. Although Zero Mission was a great beginning for my Metroid journey, the game that would make it one, if not, my favorite video game franchise of all time was Prime 2: Echoes. I will never forget the genuine fear I felt as a kid when I first entered Dark Aether, It honestly took me a while before I built up the courage to go further. I went on to play most Metroid tiles to date, but Echoes will always hold a special place in my heart. I’ve loved making works focusing on mechanical and futuristic designs ever since.
When I first started sharing my art on social media I would have never expected for it to reach as many folk as today. Being a part of such a dedicated and welcoming fanbase such as Metroid’s has been an immense blessing, even if I’m still finding my footing. I hope to keep making artwork for as long as possible, and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

Our Thoughts


I’m a big fan of Johnny’s work. The amount of details he put in Samus’ suits is breathtaking, he always makes her look so imposing! I really like how massive the suit looks in his style. He also makes some Metroid takes on popular memes, which of course makes them even funnier! Seeing Samus interacting with the Doom Slayer always puts a smile on my face.

Image Gallery

For more of Munch K.’s works, please visit one of the links below: