Metroid Prime 3 Figma’s release date has been delayed to next month

This is a PSA for anyone who has pre-ordered the Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Samus Figma. According to a Good Smile Company shipment list, the release of the Samus Figma has been delayed from its original release of October, this month, to November 2017. You can see the document below, as well as the Figma’s page on the Good Smile website, which both now give the release month as 11/2017.

Source: TwitterGood Smile Company

Metroid: Samus Returns makes strong debut in Germany’s September sales chart

The BIU (Bundesverband Interaktive Unterhaltungssoftware) has published the September sales data for Germany’s top 20 PC and console games. Metroid: Samus Returns makes its debut at #11 ahead of other new entries such as Monster Hunter Stories and Knack II, both released a week earlier, as well as NHL 18 which released on the same day.

03 (NE) NBA 2K18 (TAKE 2)
07 (02) F1 2017 (CODEMASTERS)

Since these are All-Format-Charts, it should be noted that all the higher ranking new entries are all multi-platform releases while Metroid: Samus Returns is the highest new entry for a platform-exclusive release. This comes after news of quite a promising debut in Spain’s charts, as we reported earlier. It appears that, while not breaking any records or setting the charts on fire, 2D Metroid’s comeback has been a success, at least in Europe and Japan, all things considered. Sales info from the United States (where Metroid generally enjoys great popularity) for September are expected to be made public sometime within the next week.

Source: BIU via Bruno MB on NeoGAF

Super Metroid will not be featured at Awesome Games Done Quick 2018

Since the inception of Awesome Games Done Quick, the biannual video game speedrunning charity marathon, in 2010, Super Metroid has been among the most popular featured games. It has regularly occupied a primetime spot in the stream, usually on the final day, and is popular with fundraising. Every year, viewers decide for the speedrunners whether they will save the Dachoras or Etecoons at the end of the game, or abandon them to their fate – that is, if the speedrunner survives to the end. “Save or Kill the Animals” has been a significant donation incentive for viewers. But for the first time in AGDQ history, Super Metroid will not be featured at AGDQ 2018 in January.

Organizers of AGDQ said the reason for Super Metroid‘s omission was due to player deaths: the game’s difficulty, and the fact that players rarely or never save during their runs in order to finish them as fast as possible, mean that many of the runners die ingame before the end and are therefore unable to finish the run. In fact, at AGDQ 2016, only one of the four people speedrunning Super managed to complete their run.

This is not to say that Metroid will not have a presence at AGDQ 2018: they plan to stream the original Metroid, and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. But what do you think? Is AGDQ abandoning one of its most-loved traditions, or is this a logical decision?

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Jazz version of Mother Brain’s theme to be featured on Prescription for Sleep: Fight for Your Dreams album

Scarlet Moon Productions, which has promoted the release of The Dark Hunter, the six track Metroid rock album we reported on last week, has another Metroid-related release coming this Tuesday. Prescription for Sleep: Fight for Your Dreams is an album featuring jazz remixes of video game battle themes. One of the themes included is number 11, Mother Brain’s battle theme from Super Metroid. It’s actually a lot less threatening than the original version, so you can play it while you’re studying or relaxing, or use it to fall asleep. The album is the sixth in their Prescription for Sleep: Game Music Lullabies series, arranged by Gentle Love, a duo of Metal Gear Solid series composer Norihiko Hibino on saxophone, and Etrian Odyssey performer AYAKI on piano. If you loved The Dark Hunter, make sure you check this album out too!

Source: Bandcamp, Kotaku

Correction: An earlier version of this post stated that Scarlet Moon Productions produced The Dark Hunter. They did not, they only promoted it. This post has been edited to reflect that.

Metroid progressive rock tribute album The Dark Hunter is out now

The Dark Hunter, a new progressive rock Metroid tribute album by Ro Panuganti and Materia Collective, is available now. It features six reimaginings of the most iconic themes from the original MetroidSuper Metroid and Metroid Prime. These include the Brinstar Red Soil area theme from Super Metroid and Ridley’s iconic battle theme (music video for that is below). Ro Panuganti is a musician who’s been covering classic and modern video game soundtracks for over five years on YouTube. According to Ro, The Dark Hunter was influenced by progressive artists such as Pantera and Alice in Chains. He hopes this album will inspire you to pick up a guitar or Super Metroid, Metroid Prime or the newly released Metroid: Samus Returns!

The Dark Hunter is now available on Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify.

UPDATE: You can watch the Ridley music video below.

Source: Operation RainfallCrunchyroll

Spain’s promising first week sales data for Metroid: Samus Returns

Retail sales data from Spain has come out via the big Spanish magazine Hobby Consolas:

Metroid: Samus Returns (Nintendo 3DS) – 6,373

According to their report, Metroid: Samus Returns managed to sell 6,373 units in its first week (week 37, 2017 – going from September 11, 2017 to September 17, 2017). With Samus Returns releasing on Friday the 15th, this puts it at two days of actual availability.

To compare, the magazine also released lifetime sales to date (as of week 37 as well) for the previous Metroid title, Metroid Prime: Federation Force.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force (Nintendo 3DS) – 3,364

Considering that the latter game released over a year before Samus Returns and only managed to sell in that whole time a bit more than half of Samus Returns’ first week numbers, the Metroid II remake seems to have gotten off to a good start with a promising sales debut. It unfortunately also further puts into perspective how poorly Federation Force performed commercially.

For more comparisons, Monster Hunter Stories for Nintendo 3DS, which released a week prior to Samus Returns, moved 5,491 units, and PS4 title Yakuza Kiwami, which released two weeks prior, managed to sell 2,428 copies by week 37. The next step up for new releases is the racing simulation F1 2017 selling 11,092 units across three platforms with three weeks of lead-up to Samus Returns’ release. More sales data for week 37 is at the source link.

Source: Hobby Consolas via NeoGAF’s Bruno MB

Longtime Metroid producer indirectly confirms a detail about Metroid Dread

Longtime Metroid producer Yoshio Sakamoto was interviewed recently by Game Rant regarding Metroid: Samus Returns. While the game has been met with critical acclaim, many people have criticized Nintendo for and wondered why they would choose to put the game on an older handheld console at the end of its lifecycle, as opposed to the newer and much more powerful Switch console. Here’s what Sakamoto had to say:

“One of the themes we chose to stick with this time [with Metroid: Samus Returns] was utilizing both 3D visuals and a dual screen setup. In fact, I’d been interested in creating a Metroid title that allowed you display the map constantly on a second screen and interact with the elements of the UI by touching them since the time of the original DS.”

This is especially interesting. Metroid Dread was a 2-D sequel to Metroid Fusion rumored to be in development for the original Nintendo DS in the 2000s. Little has ever been said of it, but in 2015, an anonymous source at Nintendo Software Technology revealed that they had seen a prototype of Dread on the DS, which was reported in a video by game researcher Liam Robertson. Later, Robertson mentioned in a follow-up video that the Dread prototype featured a Map on the bottom screen, with gameplay on the top screen. This likely means that Sakamoto was talking about Dread.

With this revelation, is it possible we’ll ever learn more about this mysterious game that never was? Time will tell.

Source: Game Rant

Europe: New Samus Returns Wallpapers at MyNintendo

If you live in Europe and have a My Nintendo account, you can now purchase two newly added Metroid: Samus Returns wallpapers. These are 50 Platinum Points each and come in a range of resolutions to suit your desktop or mobile devices. They join two other Samus Returns themed wallpapers, which are all available until the 1st of March 2018, and can be downloaded from this page.

Source: My Nintendo

Nintendo confirm Samus Returns for Nintendo World Championships 2017

Nintendo have confirmed that Metroid: Samus Returns will be one of the games played at this year’s Nintendo World Championship live from the Manhattan Centre’s Grand Ballroom in New York City on the 7th of October. The event will be live streamed via Nintendo’s YouTube and Twitch channels, as well as the official Nintendo World Championships website.

Check out the announcement trailer below!

Source: Nintendo of America

Fan album by Luminist features Super Metroid music

The only thing better than Metroid music is even more Metroid music. Luckily for us, Luminist, an electronic artist based in the UK, has produced synthesized recreations from Super Metroid. 

We’ve actually managed to get in touch with Luminist and he’s provided us with some interesting facts concerning the conception of the album, as well as some background information that you can find below.

After the positive reaction I received from my original Metroid: Resynthesized project last year, I decided to continue making immersive synthesizer recreations of retro videogame music. Naturally, the next choice was Super Metroid. (Sorry M2… I don’t think I could do justice to your amazing Game Boy bleep-bloops – and I started this project long before any of us knew about Samus Returns!)

I have recreated a selection of music from Super Metroid using hardware synthesizers (for the synth nerds, I used a Korg MS20 Mini like last time, but a Roland JU-06 features on “Arrival In Crateria”). This time I’ve gone a bit more high fidelity, imagining what Super Metroid would sound like with modern atmospheric sound effects. I will be posting gameplay videos with each track so you’ll be able to immerse more fully into the feel of the game with the new sound.

So, I’ll bet you’re just itching to have a listen to the music, right? Well, Luminist ran into some trouble.

To those looking looking for a download link, here’s a surprise. When I made this album I went through the proper avenues to license it for sale legitimately, but at the last minute it was blocked by Nintendo. Unfortunate for me with the hundreds of hours that went into the project – but they own the rights to the music so they can do what they like with it, that’s fair. The plus side is that you all get it for free now!

There is one snag, and that’s time. I originally planned to recreate the WHOLE soundtrack (notice that it says Vol I in the title) but at the moment it looks like I won’t be able to continue on the project for a while. Unfortunately time = money, and while this is a really fun rewarding project, I need to be able to afford to eat and stuff. Of course if everyone loves this album I’ll keep doing them – it might just take a long time

This basically means that we get to listen to the music for free, but it may make things more difficult for Luminist to continue working on the project. However, if you would like to toss him some support, there is a way to do so!

At this point I have to shamelessly plug (sorry everyone!) – this licensing issue weirdly doesn’t effect my first release of the original Metroid: Resynthesized album (I have no idea either, go figure). So if you like this one and want to support me, please buy the previous one on iTunes or Google Play!

So, if you’d like to contribute, feel free to buy the original album on iTunes or Google Play. Luminist also has a bandcamp page you can visit, if you’re interested.

That being said, you can download the full album in all its glory by clicking on the image of the album cover below! Happy listening!