Fan album by Luminist features Super Metroid music

The only thing better than Metroid music is even more Metroid music. Luckily for us, Luminist, an electronic artist based in the UK, has produced synthesized recreations from Super Metroid. 

We’ve actually managed to get in touch with Luminist and he’s provided us with some interesting facts concerning the conception of the album, as well as some background information that you can find below.

After the positive reaction I received from my original Metroid: Resynthesized project last year, I decided to continue making immersive synthesizer recreations of retro videogame music. Naturally, the next choice was Super Metroid. (Sorry M2… I don’t think I could do justice to your amazing Game Boy bleep-bloops – and I started this project long before any of us knew about Samus Returns!)

I have recreated a selection of music from Super Metroid using hardware synthesizers (for the synth nerds, I used a Korg MS20 Mini like last time, but a Roland JU-06 features on “Arrival In Crateria”). This time I’ve gone a bit more high fidelity, imagining what Super Metroid would sound like with modern atmospheric sound effects. I will be posting gameplay videos with each track so you’ll be able to immerse more fully into the feel of the game with the new sound.

So, I’ll bet you’re just itching to have a listen to the music, right? Well, Luminist ran into some trouble.

To those looking looking for a download link, here’s a surprise. When I made this album I went through the proper avenues to license it for sale legitimately, but at the last minute it was blocked by Nintendo. Unfortunate for me with the hundreds of hours that went into the project – but they own the rights to the music so they can do what they like with it, that’s fair. The plus side is that you all get it for free now!

There is one snag, and that’s time. I originally planned to recreate the WHOLE soundtrack (notice that it says Vol I in the title) but at the moment it looks like I won’t be able to continue on the project for a while. Unfortunately time = money, and while this is a really fun rewarding project, I need to be able to afford to eat and stuff. Of course if everyone loves this album I’ll keep doing them – it might just take a long time

This basically means that we get to listen to the music for free, but it may make things more difficult for Luminist to continue working on the project. However, if you would like to toss him some support, there is a way to do so!

At this point I have to shamelessly plug (sorry everyone!) – this licensing issue weirdly doesn’t effect my first release of the original Metroid: Resynthesized album (I have no idea either, go figure). So if you like this one and want to support me, please buy the previous one on iTunes or Google Play!

So, if you’d like to contribute, feel free to buy the original album on iTunes or Google Play. Luminist also has a bandcamp page you can visit, if you’re interested.

That being said, you can download the full album in all its glory by clicking on the image of the album cover below! Happy listening!

Metroid: Samus Returns makes top 3 debut in Japanese sales charts

Metroid: Samus Returns makes its debut in Japan’s Media Create sales chars in its first week on the market.

03./00. [3DS] Metroid: Samus Returns # (Nintendo) {2017.09.15} (¥4.980) – 30.855 / NEW

At 30.855 units sold, the game sold decently enough when compared with the other remake of a classic Metroid title, Metroid: Zero Mission on the GBA during the height of the series’ popularity. Note that these sales figures do not include digital sales of eShop copies.

*** Update ***

Here are the numbers from Famitsu. Note that Media Create and Famitsu sales data always vary a bit between each other due to different tracking methods. Neither of them include digital sales. The percentage number indicates the amount of the shipped stock that has been sold through.

03./00. [3DS] Metroid: Samus Returns # (Nintendo) {2017.09.15} (¥4.980) – 28.596 / NEW <60-80%>

*** ### ***

Only the evergreen hit Splatoon 2 and Konami’s new entry in their popular football simulation series Winning Eleven moved more units last week. The standalone spin-off of Uncharted sits below Metroid at number 4. Also of note is that Metroid: Samus Returns released on a Friday whereas most other new releases (such as the aforementioned Winnig Eleven 2018) come out on Thursdays. After the poor sales of Metroid Prime: Federation Force, this is an overall positive bounce-back for the series!

To compare, here is some first week sales data of past Metroid titles in Japan. Compiled by NeoGAF user The_lascar. Metroid Prime: Federation Force data taken from the CY 2016 chart. Some additional Metroid-series sales data can be found here, compiled by user L~A. Bonus shoutouts to the internet’s Cheesemeister!

[Platform]  Title   (Publisher) {Release Date} (Price) – First Week / Lifetime Totals

[GBA] Metroid Fusion (Nintendo) {2003.02.14} (¥4 800) – 49 680 / 155 528
[GCN] Metroid Prime (Nintendo) {2003.02.28} (¥6 800) – 39 829 / 78 384
[GBA] Metroid: Zero Mission (Nintendo) {2004.05.27} (¥4 800) – 39 112 / 85 045
[GCN] Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (Nintendo) {2005.05.26} (¥6 800) – 17 680 / 40 355
[NDS] Metroid Prime: Pinball (Nintendo) {2006.01.19} (¥4 800) – 0 / 15 541
[NDS] Metroid Prime: Hunters (Nintendo) {2006.06.01} (¥4 800) – 32 613 / 90 028
[WII] Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Nintendo) {2008.03.06} (¥6 800) – 34 151 / 74 647
[WII] Metroid: Other M (Nintendo) {2010.09.02} (¥6 800) – 44 103 / 75 578
[3DS] Metroid Prime: Federation Force (Nintendo) {2016.08.25} (¥4.700) – 4.023 / 10.932

Source: Media Create via NeoGAF

Metroid amiibo unlocks secret Paint Job in Metroid Prime: Federation Force

It has been discovered that the Metroid amiibo released for Metroid: Samus Returns also works for the previously released Metroid Prime: Federation Force. By tapping the amiibo on your 3DS in that game, you’ll unlock two Metroid-themed Paint Jobs, Flying Life-Form in the Campaign, and Floating Parasite in Blast Ball. The Campaign Paint Job lets you carry packs of five Repair Capsules instead of only one, but Blast Ball Paint Jobs do not give gameplay benefits.

Apparently, dataminers found references to a Metroid Paint Job a while ago, but it was not usable until now. This means that the Metroid amiibo has been planned for over a year and secretly implemented into Federation Force. The Samus Returns Samus amiibo does not do anything different; it unlocks the same Paint Jobs as the Super Smash Bros. Samus amiibo.

Source: Hyrule Blog

Super Metroid Developer Interview Released

Nintendo has released a new developer interview to mark the upcoming release of the SNES Classic Edition. In this third installment, the interview focuses on Super Metroid with the game’s Director Yoshio Sakamoto and composer Kenji Yamamoto.

The interview highlights personal stories and memories from the development of the game which range from  fun anecdotes to the challenge and emotional journey of working on Super Metroid. It’s a great interview that I highly recommend! You can find the full interview here.

Source: Nintendo of America

Metroid: Samus Returns hits UK Top 10 Sales

After just hitting the shelves, Metroid: Samus Returns manages to make it into the top 10 releases for the week ending 16th September. It stood at 8th on the list, an impressive feat for having only been on the market for its second day when the totals were counted. It’s also the highest selling Nintendo release for the week, though NBA 2K18 is higher on the list but is digital only, so isn’t counted as a Nintendo release for these charts.

This no doubt signals that the series is not dead just yet.

Source: UKIE

Nintendo Minute releases 2-D Metroid retrospective video

Yesterday was the launch day of Metroid: Samus Returns. Have you enjoyed it? We at Shinesparkers sure have! To celebrate, Kit and Krysta from Nintendo Minute released a retrospective of the previous five 2-D Metroid games yesterday. They talked about Metroid, Metroid II: Return of Samus, Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion and Metroid: Zero Mission and showed off the first few minutes of each game, highlighting the features and enhancements the series has received over the years. Kit also mentioned Fusion Mode during the Metroid Fusion segment.

Source: Nintendo Minute

Tips for playing Metroid: Samus Returns

Today is the launch of the first classic side-scrolling Metroid title in thirteen years! Samus has well and truly returned, and we loved it! (See our reviews here and here) many fans across the world will be receiving their copies across various stores, many will be mildly annoyed they missed out on one of the special editions and there will be some who may be playing the game post-launch. However you decide to play Metroid: Samus Returns, we hope you have a ton of fun! Ultimately, this is what truly matters!

For those of you who are just about to get stuck into the game, our content writer Deceptimike has written up some tips for playing Metroid: Samus Returns that should help you on your mission to planet SR388! Struggling with that Melee-Counter? Want to get the most out of your Aeion abilities? Perhaps you’re struggling to find where those last remaining items are! Our tips should help you through, and we hope to extend these tips to other games in the franchise over time!

If you’re playing the game, be sure to tell us what you think! We would love to hear from you on Twitter and Facebook!

Today, a legend returned! Enjoy every second of it Metroid fans!

New European My Nintendo Rewards features Samus Returns

My Nintendo has updated in Europe to feature new rewards based on Metroid: Samus Returns. The rewards are as follows:

10% off a digital version of Metroid: Samus Returns for 30 gold points, valid until 3rd October. This reduces the price to £35.99/€40,49. You also get a special Samus Aran home menu theme for your 3DS with this offer.

Alternatively, if you bought a physical copy, the same home menu theme is also available for 20 gold points, valid until the end of November.

Finally, for 50 platinum points each, there are special wallpapers for PC and mobile devices. These expire on the 3rd January 2018.

If you have any spare points available, these are nice rewards to go for, particularly if you were planning on buying the game digitally when it launches tomorrow.

Metroid: Samus Returns Review Roundup

Reviews for Metroid: Samus Returns have gone live across the world today. Things are looking good for the first 2D game in thirteen years with most reviewers having positive thoughts on the title. Here are a selection of the first reviews available, if you’re still having second thoughts on the game.

Nintendo Life – 10/10
Game Informer – 9.75/10
IGN – 8.5/10
Gamespot – 9/10
GameXplain – Loved
Nintendo Enthusiast – 8.5/10
EGM – 9.0/10
Pure Nintendo – 9/10
Trusted Reviews – 4/5 stars
Easy Allies – 4.5/5 stars
Digital Trends – 4/5 stars
Nintendo World Report – 9.5/10
Nintendo Everything – Thumbs Up
US Gamer – 5/5
TheSixthAxis – 9/10

It’s still early, of course, so there are bound to be more reviews to come. Don’t forget our own reviews written by Darren and Deceptimike.