Feature: 30 Sec. Wonders – Tokusatsu CF Land

Shinesparkers is delighted to share a brand new feature! This one is a translation of two articles in the Japanese magazine Spaceship, with behind the scenes details regarding the Metroid II and Super Metroid commercials aired only in Japan in 1991 and 1994. We discovered them during my search for Samus’s actresses and planned on translating them in the future. In addition to the articles, I am also sharing additional discoveries I made regarding the production of both commercials, including a new picture of the stop-motion Samus figure used in them! These commercials remain popular with Metroid fans in Japan and overseas, and we hope you’ll enjoy learning more about how they were made as much as we did!

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World Video Game Hall of Fame passes on Metroid

The tenth class of honorees has been inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame. As reported a few months back, Metroid was one of the nominees this year, after previously being nominated in 2018. Unfortunately, it has once again not made the cut. The five games that were chosen are Asteroids, Myst, Resident Evil, SimCity and Ultima.

Metroid would have been a worthy inclusion. The franchise began nearly 40 years ago, and gave birth to the Metroidvania genre of games. We can only hope that Metroid, or one of the later games (Super Metroid, perhaps?) will eventually find its way into the World Video Game Hall of Fame. Until then, congratulations to the five inductees and their developers on this achievement!

Source: ABC News

Shinesparkers team members interviewed for Retro Gamer magazine

This month’s issue of Retro Gamer magazine features a retrospective of Super Metroid on its 30th anniversary. Their editor Darran Jones invited members of the Shinesparkers team, namely myself, our founder Darren and Community Manager Glaedrax, to share our thoughts about Super Metroid as it marks a significant milestone. Also interviewed were Jack Mathews, the Technical Lead Engineer of the Metroid Prime series, and Jacobo Luengo, a designer for Metroid: Samus Returns and Metroid Dread.

Retro Gamer is available in physical form in stores across the United Kingdom. If you are unable to track down a physical copy, you can order it online at the link here.

Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition announced, includes Metroid

A few days ago, an ESRB rating surfaced for Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition. Today, Nintendo has officially announced that the game is coming to Nintendo Switch. It is packed with timed speedrun challenges in multiple classic NES games, including Metroid. From clips shown in the trailer, the Metroid challenges have you try to reach points of interest as quickly as possible, like getting to the Morph Ball. The faster your time, the better your ranking, S being the highest. There’s also a Party Mode where up to eight players can compete in the same challenge.

Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition will be released on July 18th, in digital and a physical Collector’s Edition form. The physical edition will include a gold replica NES cartridge, thirteen art cards and five pins.

Source: YouTube

Former Epic Games CCO confirms Samus was wanted for Fortnite

Three years ago, it was reported that Epic Games had considered Samus Aran for inclusion in Fortnite, as revealed in documents filed during their lawsuit against Apple. That collaboration never came to pass.

In a new interview with Stephen Totilo on his Game File Substack newsletter, former Epic Games Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard revealed why. Nintendo was not keen on seeing Samus, or their other characters, appear on other gaming platforms. They insisted that Samus would need to be exclusive to the Switch version of Fortnite, or else they would not authorize her appearance. Epic, wanting to ensure all of the game’s content could be accessible regardless of which platform players had, did not agree to those terms. That is why Samus is not in Fortnite.

This is not without precedent. Mario, Luigi and Metroid vehicles were added to Rocket League in 2017, but are exclusive to the Switch version and appear as regular cars when competing online through cross-platform play. Additionally, Samus and Link were almost included in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance’s Wii version. However, when they were demonstrated to Nintendo on the PlayStation 2 version of the game, Nintendo backed out of the collaboration and demanded their characters be cut.

It’s a shame. We could have had Samus square off with everyone from Master Chief (finally!) to Kratos, Lara Croft and other gaming titans she didn’t previously face in Super Smash Bros. Time will tell if Nintendo and Epic resolve their impasse.

Source: Game File (requires subscription)/IGN

Feature: Super Metroid – Where Are They Now?

We’re continuing the 30th anniversary celebrations for Super Metroid with our latest feature. We wanted to know where the development team of Super Metroid is now, more than three decades on. Many Metroid fans are familiar with producer Yoshio Sakamoto and composers Kenji Yamamoto and Minako Hamano, but many more people developed the game, tested it and marketed it, and we were determined to ensure they were recognized as well. Click the link below to learn more.

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Episode 29 – Super Metroid’s 30th Anniversary

Shinesparkers Metroid Podcast
Shinesparkers Metroid Podcast
Episode 29 - Super Metroid's 30th Anniversary

Our first podcast episode of 2024 marks the 30th anniversary of Super Metroid! Amanda and Roy are joined by team member TorvusBolt to share their memories of playing Super Metroid for the first time and discuss their favorite Easter eggs and secrets. We also answer listener submissions to our mailbag about potential actresses to play Samus in a live-action Metroid film. (which according to Amanda are all wrong – find out why by listening!)

Podcast is hosted by Amanda, with team members Roy and Torvus.

00:00 – Introductions
00:53 – Topic: Super Metroid’s 30th Anniversary
19:39 – Mailbag
27:18 – Bloopers

The Nintendo Power cosplay mentioned in this episode: https://metroid.fandom.com/wiki/File:Metroid_very_early_cosplay_in_NP.png

The Miranda Lawson-Samus video mentioned in this episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-6qTVpTIjE

Feature: Super Metroid’s 30th Anniversary

Today marks a monumental milestone: the 30th anniversary of Super Metroid! The Shinesparkers team has once again assembled to pay tribute to Super Metroid. The game continues to be acclaimed to this day due to its atmosphere, non-linear gameplay, impactful story and unforgettable boss fights. We also took to our social media pages to ask our readers for their memories of playing Super Metroid, and we received a lot of responses! Click the link below to read the feature, and here’s to 30 more years of one of the greatest Metroid games of all time!

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Metroid nominated for the World Video Game Hall of Fame

The Strong National Museum of Play, an American museum dedicated to the history of play – be it toys, comic books or video games – has announced the twelve finalists for induction into its World Video Game Hall of Fame. The nominees include the original Metroid on NES. According to the official website:

Nintendo’s Metroid launched in 1986 and inserted players into a futuristic world brimming with innovative adventure and evocative music. The game combined the platforming of Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. and non-linear story elements from The Legend of Zelda, offering a new game play experience. The protagonist, Samus, also gave the gaming industry its first playable human female character in mainstream video games. The game launched a franchise with 13 core titles that has sold more than 20 million units worldwide.

Metroid was previously nominated for induction in 2018. Players can vote for their favorite games on the official website once per day at the link below, until March 21. When voting is over, the chosen games will be displayed within the Museum of Play in Rochester, New York. We will learn which games made the cut on May 9th. Let’s get Metroid into the Hall of Fame!

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Source: The Strong National Museum of Play/GameSpot