Feature: The Luminoth

We are very proud to share another great feature from our team member Quadraxis! His second feature, in what we hope will be a long and successful series of articles about the different races within the Metroid universe, he focuses on Luminoth civilisation, the impact of the Ing on their homeworld and offers his ideas on what the future may hold for them, beyond the events of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.

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Community Spotlight: Habreno (Metroid: Other M speedrunner)

This month marks nine years since the original release of Metroid: Other M on the Nintendo Wii. We have authorised speedrunner Habreno to share his story about running one of the most controversial Metroid games to date. Habreno talks about how he was introduced to speedrunning through The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and how that lead him to beating Other M as fast as he possibly could. We continue to be amazed at how Metroid fans continue to impress us, and this is another fine example of that. We are delighted to be highlighting Habreno and his achievements in our latest Community Spotlight, available to read now!

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Feature: How Shinesparkers got into Metroid

Happy birthday Metroid! Thirty-three years ago today, the original Metroid game was released on the Famicom Disk System in Japan, and the world was introduced to one of gaming’s earliest female protagonists, Samus Aran. To commemorate this occasion, the team at Shinesparkers came together to look back on how they became Metroid fans. From receiving a Metroid game as a gift to discovering Samus through Super Smash Bros., we have all created memories and made close friends through being fans of the series. We would love to hear from you on social media how you became Metroid fans by visiting our Facebook and Twitter accounts!

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Metroid Prime 3 Samus Figma is getting a reissue

2017 saw the release of the third ever Figma of Samus, depicting her more “classic” appearance in the Metroid Prime series, as opposed to the Other M Power Suit design. These figures are quite popular and quite expensive, and they quickly sell out. If you didn’t get this Figma before, you’re in luck, because Good Smile Company has announced that they are reissuing the Figma to people who preorder it from July 24th to August 21st, 2019. Those who do will receive their Figmas beginning in January 2020. You can preorder it at the link below if you’re in the United States or Canada. If you’re in another country, here is a link to partner shops in other parts of the world: Good Smile

Source: Good Smile US

Community Spotlight: Elias Thompson

We have another Community Spotlight to share with you today – this time, we are highlighting a friend of Shinesparkers, Elias Thompson! Elias is the original founder of MetroidHQ , one of the oldest online Metroid fansites. Elias created a podcast with other staff members, to highlight the very creative Metroid community, similar to our own Community Spotlights. His biggest achievement is likely MHQthon, the annual Metroid game marathon stream that has raised thousands of dollars for charities. This year it’s being held on August 17th, and we hope you can tune in!

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Feature: Minako Hamano 50th Birthday Tribute

We are excited to share a new feature with you: a tribute to legendary Metroid composer Minako Hamano. Today is her 50th birthday and we wanted to shine a light on a musician we felt deserved recognition for her incredible work. You’ve heard her music, but you may not know her name. Hamano-san is responsible for some of the most iconic themes across the Metroid series, in particular Ridley’s now signature battle music from the original Super Metroid. The Shinesparkers team came together to share our thoughts and messages for her in this group feature, and earlier this month we went to our community, collecting fifty birthday messages for Hamano-san. The Metroid series would not be the same without her contributions to its score, and our goal with this feature is to ensure that Hamano-san finally receives recognition for her work.

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Official Metroid 2020 Calendar now available for pre-order

Abrams Calendars have put up pre-orders for an officially licensed 2020 calendar for Metroid, as well as ones for Super Mario: History of a Hero, Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It features artwork from all games across the series (except for Pinball, sadly).

The calendars will launch on July 30th.

Source: Amazon
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Smash Bros Ultimate Metroidmania

Various Metroid characters will invade the upcoming Smash Bros Ultimate spirit event for three days starting the 28th of June. Make sure to bring Samus, Zero Suit Samus, Ridley and Dark Samus for this smashing occasion to “welcome” these spirits and claim them for your own collection. So check the Spirit Board in-game and smash them off the walls and through any portal they will be coming from.

The three-day #SmashBrosUltimate spirit event “Metroidmania” starts on 28/06! Check your Spirit Board, because #Metroid characters are coming out of the walls! Defeat them in battle to earn more SP than usual.

Make sure to gather them all if you do not want to miss out, and do smash any Luminoth spirit extra hard as retribution is demanded by the Ing…

Source: Nintendo of Europe