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Alejandro Aguilar

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Our latest Community Spotlight features the work of Alejandro Aguilar, a 3D artist and big fan of the Metroid series. He created two models of the classic Power Suit, based on their Metroid Prime and Metroid: Samus Returns versions, as well as several 2D artworks.

Alejandro Aguilar

Hello, my name is Alejandro (Alex) Aguilar! I’ve been a fan of the Metroid series since Metroid Prime, and have played nearly every entry in the series. Though it’s a bit embarrassing to say, I was actually pretty scared of Prime 1 and 2 as a kid because of the atmosphere. After a couple more years and playing through some of the 2D games, I can say that the Metroid franchise is my favorite by far. What’s probably been just a dream of mine is slowly coming into reality with the work I’m doing now.

I am a 3D Artist focused on environmental art, and I’ve been working as an artist for over six years now. However, around the end of 2019, I started practicing character art, specifically hard surface. This has led me to creating my version of the Power Suit for Samus – and now I want to work on more suits! Though I haven’t broken into the game industry just yet – a dream of mine would be to work on a Metroid game, be it with Retro Studios or Nintendo. Even if it’s a small role, I would love to be a part of that! I also draw and illustrate in my free time, though I usually draw cute characters. That’s quite the contrast to my 3D work!

Though I have really not interacted on social media, I do love talking to people about games and art! I am trying to be more social than just posting my art and calling it a day. So if you see me out there, feel free to talk to me! I keep working hard on art, maybe losing sleep while doing it, but it’s what I love to do!

Our Thoughts


Alejandro’s work on the Power Suit is fantastic. I was blown away by the quality of both models, and that’s definitely what I would expect from an HD Metroid title. I’m looking forward to seeing his take on the new suit from Metroid Dread!

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For more of Alejandro Aguilar’s works, please visit one of the links below:

Alex Aguilar