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In this month’s Community Spotlight, we feature the work of Doeboy, a Twitch streamer, competitive Smash player and now Metroid Dread speedrunner. We hope you’ll consider checking out his social media pages and follow his Twitch channel!


Hello! I’m known as Doeboy in the online universe, and I am a full-time Twitch streamer, content creator, and broadcast producer, among other things! I got started with content creation about 7 years ago as a Super Smash Bros competitor and streamer, which really took off with Smash 4 as a Samus main. I eventually got involved with commentating tournaments, including some larger-scale major tournaments, and later diving into broadcast engineering and producing. After taking a large risk by quitting my cushy manufacturing engineering job and joining Big Blue Esports to become their Broadcast Director, I eventually received a job offer to work at Beyond the Summit as a full-time Technical Producer. This was a big change for me; I sold most of my belongings and moved to Los Angeles, CA from Massachusetts.

Utilizing my knowledge of the Smash 4 competitive scene, I helped them to create the now-staple Ultimate Summit series, and of course worked on their other events including summit events for Melee, Dota 2, CS:GO, Rocket League, and more. During this time I continued to compete in Smash Ultimate and continued to stream (including a 24-hour stream when Ultimate released), but after a while I wanted to re-center on my primary passion; streaming! I left Beyond the Summit after two years to focus on full-time streaming, and lately I’ve been more focused on speedrunning Metroid Dread as my first speedgame! I had dabbled in speedrunning Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion previously, but this is my first time focusing all of my competitive energy into a Metroid game. I’m taking a bit of a hiatus from competitive Smash; I want to try to get at least top 50 on the Metroid Dread leaderboards before 2022!

Metroid has always had a lot of meaning to me; I have the meme-like story of not knowing who Samus was as a 9-year-old playing Smash 64, and later seeing my friend play Metroid Fusion and exclaiming “Hey! That’s Samus from Smash!” My love for Samus in Smash is what initially sparked my interest in Metroid games, not having heard of them previously, and I immediately fell in love. Metroid Fusion and Metroid Prime were my first two games, and since then I have successfully completed all of the games in the series. I went as far as buying a proper SNES and an in-box copy of Super Metroid to have the “authentic” experience.

I try to have my streams be a mix of the games I am passionate about, ideally being at least somewhat good at them, lol, and injecting in my personality with humor and general entertainment. I find this to be my “home” and I am incredibly grateful for the community that has developed around it. My community has grown more than I ever really expected, and yet I often feel like I’m just getting started!

Our Thoughts


I first knew Doeboy thanks to his detailed Metroid timeline post for newcomers on Twitter. I quickly realized when I checked out his stream that he was a very dedicated person who puts a lot of passion in his livestreams, with a lot of spontaneous humor. Would you believe he has even invited Ridley on his channel? Some people say it was just Doeboy wearing a purple onesie, but I don’t believe it’s true…

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