Shinesparkers Legacy Content restored

July 15, 2022
July 15, 2022 Darren

Shinesparkers Legacy Content restored

We have restored twelve pieces of classic content from the original Shinesparkers website (2010 – 2017), which wasn’t originally available upon relaunch in 2017. We’ve been chipping away at this for the past few years when we have had the spare time, and made some quality of life improvements to many of the pages, including new photographs, header images and a good ol’ spell check (no one is perfect). They can be found on our Features page, and on the following links:

End of Year 2010
End of Year 2011
Metroid Arrange Review
Metroid Blast Preview
Metroid Cinematica Review
Metroid Wii U Concept
Other M: Two Years Later
Shinesparkers 1st Anniversary
Super Metroid 20th Anniversary
Super Metroid Symphony Review
Varia Suit Metroid Other M Figma Review
Zero Suit Metroid Other M Scale Review

We hope you’ll take the time to see some of our early content, as much as we appreciate you taking the time to see our more recent content!

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