Samus costume added to Jump Rope Challenge for Nintendo Switch

July 2, 2020
July 2, 2020 Darren

A number of costumes have been added to a free-to-play fitness app for Nintendo Switch called Jump Rope Challenge, one of which includes the famed bounty Hunter Samus Aran, who has decided to take a break from fighting alien threats, and picked up a skipping rope. The game was created by a group of Nintendo employees in Japan during lockdown due to Covid-19 to add some “quick and fun movement into their daily lives”. The game requires the use of both Nintendo Switch Joy-Con in order to play. How many jumps can you do?

The app is only available until until September 30th 2020, from the Nintendo Switch eShop, and will be removed after this date. If you download the app before then, it will be available to enjoy beyond this date.

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