Retro Studios hires two more environment designers

February 17, 2020
February 17, 2020 RoyboyX

Retro Studios is hard at work on Metroid Prime 4 and over the last few months, we’ve had several announcements of new developers joining the company. Yesterday, news broke that two more game designers have been recruited: Mark Capers, formerly of Playful Studios (New Super Lucky’s Tale) and James Beech (Crysis 3, DC Universe Online). Capers comes to Retro after significant layoffs at Playful Studios along with the returning Stephen Dupree, who was the lead designer of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze before working at Playful for two years. Capers and Beech will both be environment designers. We can’t wait to see the worlds they produce in Samus’s next adventure!

Source: VGC/Nintendo Life

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