Metroid progressive rock tribute album The Dark Hunter is out now

October 5, 2017
October 5, 2017 RoyboyX

The Dark Hunter, a new progressive rock Metroid tribute album by Ro Panuganti and Materia Collective, is available now. It features six reimaginings of the most iconic themes from the original MetroidSuper Metroid and Metroid Prime. These include the Brinstar Red Soil area theme from Super Metroid and Ridley’s iconic battle theme (music video for that is below). Ro Panuganti is a musician who’s been covering classic and modern video game soundtracks for over five years on YouTube. According to Ro, The Dark Hunter was influenced by progressive artists such as Pantera and Alice in Chains. He hopes this album will inspire you to pick up a guitar or Super Metroid, Metroid Prime or the newly released Metroid: Samus Returns!

The Dark Hunter is now available on Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify.

UPDATE: You can watch the Ridley music video below.

Source: Operation RainfallCrunchyroll

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