Metroid Prime developers criticize Remastered credits

February 14, 2023
February 14, 2023 RoyboyX

Metroid Prime developers criticize Remastered credits

Original Metroid Prime engineers Zoid Kirsch and Jack Mathews have criticized Metroid Prime Remastered for omitting the original game’s credits. The remaster instead credits the new Retro Studios employees, and staff at external partner studios, for their work on the game, while adding this general credit to the end: Based on the work of Metroid Prime / Original Nintendo GameCube and Wii Version Development Staff. This marks a change from Metroid Prime Trilogy, which included the original credits in addition to new ones.

Additionally, Ashley Rochelle, an Environment Artist who was hired for the remaster, found that she was credited under special thanks in Remastered despite doing significant work on the environments, including the Hall of the Elders. She said that she and other people who left Retro before the credits were finished got listed under special thanks instead of receiving full credit for their work. She also claimed that at least one artist was completely left out, as was anyone who was laid off during development.

This is not the first Metroid game to have its crediting practices criticized by people who worked on it. Metroid Dread also had this issue, where at least three developers found they were not credited since they did not work on the game for at least a year, per MercurySteam policy.

While it might be that this is the result of an internal policy at Retro Studios, we believe that this is wrong. Two of the original developers, Mark Haigh-Hutchinson and Andy O’Neil, have since died, and it is imperative that we remember their work and contributions to the Metroid Prime series, along with everyone else who is still with us. We hope that Retro Studios will make this right by releasing an update that adds the original credits, and acknowledges new developers’ roles appropriately.

You can read the original Metroid Prime’s credits on Wikitroid at the link here.

Source: Zoid Kirsch/Jack Mathews/Ashley Rochelle

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