WarioWare: Get it Together’s Super Metroid microgame detailed

September 17, 2021
September 17, 2021 RoyboyX

WarioWare: Get it Together’s Super Metroid microgame detailed

WarioWare: Get It Together! released last week, and it features a Super Metroid microgame! Simply titled “Super Metroid”, the objective is to get Samus’s Morph Ball off of platforms above the floor, and in front of one of two doors on both sides of the room. It’s a bit like pinball, since you have to break blocks and fire at the Morph Ball to move Samus. Once she lands in front of a door, she unmorphs, shoots it open and leaves the room. Did I mention this needs to be done in eight seconds?

There are three difficulty levels, each making it harder to get Samus to the exit. Level 1 places Samus in northwestern Norfair (where you get the Ice Beam in Super Metroid), Level 2 is set in northern Norfair (the green bubble area) and Level 3 takes place in the Wrecked Ship. The puzzle format is random, so you might get more or less breakable blocks, and some ramped platforms or none at all. You may even need to move the ball into a narrow passageway to get to the door.

You can see screenshots of each level variation below. A special thank you to our team member Leon for these images!

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