Significant recruitment opportunities open up at Retro Studios

September 9, 2019
September 9, 2019 Darren

Significant recruitment opportunities open up at Retro Studios

Several new job openings at Austin Texas based Retro Studios opened up in August, presumably in preparation for Metroid Prime 4’s development to begin. Since November last year, the company have been advertising the role of Art Director, which is still present on their website, along with Lead Cinematics Artist and Lead Graphics Engineer positions made available in April this year. The recent job openings could indicate that development of the game is now fully underway.

Art Director (November 12, 2018)
Lead Cinematics Artist (April 26, 2019)
Lead Graphics Engineer (April 26, 2019)
Senior Material Artist (August 09, 2019)
Senior Designer (August 09, 2019)
Environment Designer (August 09, 2019)
Director of Development (August 12, 2019)
Lead Engineer (August 20, 2019)
IT Manager (August 29, 2019)

Back in June, we reported that Metroid Prime 4 Producer Kensuke Tanabe was focusing on the upcoming Luigi’s Mansion 3, a title he is also producing. It seemed to indicate that Tanabe-san was focused on the release of that title, before his work on Metroid Prime 4 would begin. With Luigi’s Mansion 3 releasing on October 31st 2019, it is fair to assume that the development for that game has already wrapped.

Detailed information on all these job roles can be navigated to from the official Retro Studios website, or from the link source below.


Source: Nintendo of America Careers

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