Shinesparkers Relaunches

August 7, 2017
August 7, 2017 Darren

Shinesparkers Relaunches

We are delighted to relaunch our Metroid fan community with a brand new look and a new and expanded team! Almost seven years ago, Shinesparkers was created to offer the latest Metroid news and exclusive content. With two brand new Metroid games announced at E32017, we decided it was the right time to update our website and expand on our vision.

One of our new goals are to create a multilingual website to reach out to French, German, Italian and Spanish-speaking fans in an attempt to expand our audience and provide people who may not understand English very well, to enjoy our content and feel part of a larger community that may not be represented in their native language. We will gradually be translating all of our existing content and creating new content for fans to enjoy in multiple languages, thanks to our dedicated team of translators who are supporting this endeavour.

Our new team consists of content writers, translators and people behind the scenes that keep the website working and the content flowing. Words cannot express how much we appreciate their hard work and effort, and thank them for all they have been doing to get the new Shinesparkers ready for launch. We dream of making our community even greater than it originally was, and hope you will join us on the next chapter in our journey!

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