Reminder of Wii Shop Channel Closure

January 17, 2019 KomodoZero

It won’t be long now until all Wii Shop Channel content, which includes Virtual Console and WiiWare games, will be unobtainable for good. You have until January 31st to re-download any already purchased content (though you can’t add more points to buy anything new, but you can use up any you happen to have already purchased). Metroid for the NES and Super Metroid for the SNES were released on this platform.

While it might not affect everyone, especially seeing as many Virtual Console titles have been released again elsewhere, it’s also the only place to obtain certain games. Specific WiiWare games have not been released anywhere else, such as the Konami Rebirth games, or have features only available on the Wii, like Lost Winds. Don’t let this opportunity pass by if you do happen to have anything uninstalled as they will cease to be available for download very soon.

Source: Nintendo of America, Nintendo UK