Episode 20 – End of Year 2021

December 22, 2021
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December 22, 2021 Shinesparkers

Episode 20 – End of Year 2021

Shinesparkers Metroid Podcast
Shinesparkers Metroid Podcast
Episode 20 - End of Year 2021

Our twentieth episode rounds off the year 2021 by looking back at our content from Shinesparkers published this year, highlighting some of the great features and community spotlights across the website. The podcast also features a special Metroid themed quiz, featuring six contestants from members of the Shinesparkers community!

Please be aware that this episode will contain spoilers from Metroid Dread. This will be our last notice regarding spoilers, so if you wish to avoid them in this episode or in the future, please listen once you’ve played the game.

00:46 – Main topic: Looking back at a year of Shinesparkers content
09:57 – Metroid themed quiz featuring members of the Shinesparkers community
48:00 – Closing comments
49:09 – Bloopers

Special thanks to Shinesparkers community members The Orpheon, Deadweight, Doeboy, TorvusBolt, Metroid Trainer and Metroid35 for taking part in our quiz!