New Aeion Ability Seemingly Discovered For Samus Returns

August 8, 2017
August 8, 2017 Michael Freeman

Along with the influx of new information for Metroid: Samus Returns we’ve gleaned today, we have also potentially discovered what the fourth and last Aeion Ability is for Samus.

The picture below was featured on Reddit and upon close examination, one can make out the details of the new Aeion Ability.

The ability appears to be called “Phase Drift” and it slows down time for everyone but Samus. This ability seems like it would be quite powerful, especially if it makes the timing for the new melee counter easier to pull off.

The poster on Reddit claims his friend works at a printing job and that’s how they were able to get their hands on a special edition box. Until further information surfaces, it should be taken as a rumor.

Source: Reddit
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