Metroid was almost made into a cartoon… with a twist

May 8, 2019
May 8, 2019 RoyboyX

Metroid was almost made into a cartoon… with a twist

Those of you who grew up in the 90s may remember the Mario and Zelda animated cartoons from DIC Entertainment, as well as the crossover series Captain N: The Game Master, where Mother Brain was the antagonist (and Samus appeared in the comics). Personally, I’ve always wondered if they ever considered producing a Metroid cartoon. It’s been discovered tonight, that they did. Promotional art cells have surfaced from the estate sale of a former DIC employee, showing proposed cartoons that never went into production. One of them was Metroid. In a scene inspired by Alien, that art cell shows “Samus” (I’ll get to that in a moment) attempting to push a large alien creature through an open air lock. Astonishingly, here Samus is shown to be a man!

The producer of the Captain N show said Samus was never in it because he’d never heard of her. The lack of awareness about her clearly extended to other staff at DIC back in the day. Whatever resulted in this proposed show’s demise, perhaps it was for the best we never got to see this version of Samus. The art cells are currently being auctioned, with the bid at $61 US as of this writing.

Source: Kotaku

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