Metroid Tribute Album “Huntress” by Pixel Mixers out now

August 13, 2017
August 13, 2017 Darren

Metroid Tribute Album “Huntress” by Pixel Mixers out now

Musical group Pixel Mixers have just released a Metroid tribute album called Huntress. The free non-profit album contains thirty tracks from the classic 2D Metroid games and features over an hour and half of music.

The group originated from a community called Gametabs where Project Director Hashel organised video game covers and tribute albums. Eighteen months ago, Hashel branched off and created his own community with the aim of supporting and growing together as musicians. With the support of Ro Panuganti and the VGCover community on Reddit, Pixel Mixers was born! Together they have created several video game focused projects and their community continues to grow.

Huntress was created as the result of a community poll to choose their next album, and Metroid came out on top. While Huntress focuses exclusively on the classic Metroid titles, the group are open to the possibility of creating a Metroid Prime themed album in the future. A trailer for the album can be viewed below, and you can download the album here.

Source: Pixel Mixers

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