Mario movie actors want a Metroid movie next

April 7, 2023
April 7, 2023 RoyboyX

Mario movie actors want a Metroid movie next

Last week, we reported on a Gizmodo interview with Chris Pratt and Charlie Day, the voices of Mario and Luigi in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, who both expressed interest in a Metroid movie being made. Now, in a new interview from GameSpot, Pratt, Day and Seth Rogen (voice of Donkey Kong) all reiterated they want Metroid to be adapted next.

Rogen, proposing a “Nintendo Cinematic Universe” (NCU) said: “I always thought Metroid was cool. I don’t know how it fits into this world necessarily, but I always thought that would make a cool movie.” Pratt and Day also said a Metroid film would be “cool”.

A live-action Metroid film was in development in 2005, but only made it as far as a treatment before being cancelled. Since then, a number of Hollywood actors and producers have called for Samus to come to the big screen, most notably Brie Larson, who’s volunteered to portray our favorite bounty hunter. If the Mario movie is a success, and it certainly appears to be, maybe Nintendo will revisit the idea of adapting Metroid.

Source: GameSpot

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