Lego Metroid set could become a reality, if you vote for it (UPDATE: officially under review!)

January 21, 2021
January 21, 2021 RoyboyX

Lego Metroid set could become a reality, if you vote for it (UPDATE: officially under review!)

Update: since this was posted, the Metroid set has reached 10,000 votes and will now be reviewed by LEGO! L-DI-EGO has expanded the set with several Ridley designs, minifigures of the Dachoras and Etecoons, and alternate Samus Gunship builds based on the versions used in Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime Hunters, and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and Metroid Prime: Federation Force. He also unveiled the Zero Suit Samus minifigure. Here’s hoping that LEGO will approve the project, and secure a license from Nintendo to produce it as an official set!

Original Post:

Lego Ideas is a site where fans of Lego products can submit designs based on properties, locations or other subjects in popular culture considered for an official release. One very creative fan’s idea for a Metroid range is quickly gaining support, but it needs your help for it to gain Lego’s attention.

The range includes custom Samus and Zebesian minifigures, as well the Morph Ball, the Baby Metroid’s iconic capsule and a constructible version of Samus’s Gunship. A “mystery” figure – likely Zero Suit Samus given the silhouette’s shape – will be unveiled when the project gains 9,900 supporters. It was first designed in December 2019 and shared in early 2020, getting halfway to where it needs to go this month.

For an idea to be considered by Lego, it must have 10,000 supporters in an allotted time limit. As of this writing, the project has 5,711 supporters, and it must gain 4,289 more in 514 days – that’s June 18, 2022. If you have not yet signed up to Lego and supported the project, please do so! It would be amazing to see an official Metroid range released by Lego while we await news of Metroid Prime 4 and future games.

Source: Nintendo Life/LEGO Ideas