Interview: Idzuki Kouji (Samus & Joey / Metroid EX manga)

November 23, 2019
November 23, 2019 Darren

We are thrilled to present an interview with Idzuki Kouji, the mangaka (author and illustrator) of Samus and Joey and Metroid EX. They were a four-part Metroid manga series that was published in Comic Bom Bom exclusively in Japan. In the interview, Kouji-san shares his memories of working on the series, collaborating with Nintendo and Metroid Producer Yoshio Sakamoto, and the potential future of the manga series.

We would like to thank Kouji-san for taking the time to work with us, and Antoine Fantys for providing the translation to ensure this interview could be released.

Click here to read the interview (English)
Click here to read the interview (Japanese)

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