Feature: Shinesparkers Tenth Anniversary

August 31, 2020
August 31, 2020 Darren

Feature: Shinesparkers Tenth Anniversary

Today marks ten years since Shinesparkers was created. It’s incredible for me to think that our little community celebrating Metroid would still be around after all this time. Over the past decade, we have brought you interviews with the people that made our favourite games, highlighted the creative talents of the Metroid community by sharing their work with our Community Spotlight features, brought you opinion pieces written by our team, and created exclusive content to entertain you, such as our Metroid fan-arrangement albums like Harmony of a Hunter. To mark this occasion, I have shared my thoughts on ten years of Metroid, from how the community came to be, to the current and future ambitions of Shinesparkers.

We really love what we do, and we have enjoyed seeing our community grow and thrive. Whether you’ve been there from the beginning, or have just heard about us, thank you for engaging with us!

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