Feature: Minako Hamano 50th Birthday Tribute

June 28, 2019
June 28, 2019 RoyboyX

We are excited to share a new feature with you: a tribute to legendary Metroid composer Minako Hamano. Today is her 50th birthday and we wanted to shine a light on a musician we felt deserved recognition for her incredible work. You’ve heard her music, but you may not know her name. Hamano-san is responsible for some of the most iconic themes across the Metroid series, in particular Ridley’s now signature battle music from the original Super Metroid. The Shinesparkers team came together to share our thoughts and messages for her in this group feature, and earlier this month we went to our community, collecting fifty birthday messages for Hamano-san. The Metroid series would not be the same without her contributions to its score, and our goal with this feature is to ensure that Hamano-san finally receives recognition for her work.

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