Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 approved list features two Metroid games

September 29, 2018
September 29, 2018 KomodoZero

Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 submissions have now gone live, with the current approved runs publicly available to view. While dates and times for each run haven’t been allocated, the list is already very strong with many respectable runners having already submitted their runs for the weeklong event from January 6th-13th 2019.

Two Metroid games have already been featured in the list. The runs are Metroid Fusion Any% Memory Corruption from CScottyW with a 55 minute estimate, and Super Metroid Reverse Boss Order by ShinyZeni with a 1 hour 20 minute estimate.

Both runs should be highly entertaining, as they are unconventional from the usual fare. Metroid Fusion in particular will be the first time memory corruption will be used for the game at a GDQ, having only recently been made possible outside of tool-assisted speed runs.

This likely won’t be the only showings for Metroid from the event, as submissions have only just gone live. It’s quite likely to expect a Prime game to be shown, as well as the possibility of shenanigans from TASBot. We will update you on any further runs that get approved, as well the final schedule announcement when everything has been arranged.

Source: Games Done Quick

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