Autechre almost composed Metroid Prime

August 9, 2022
August 9, 2022 RoyboyX

Autechre almost composed Metroid Prime

For years, it’s been rumored that Autechre, the English electronic music duo of Sean Booth and Rob Brown, either inspired the music of Metroid Prime or were approached to compose it. Both of their names appear in special thanks in Metroid Prime’s credits (original NTSC release only), which is what fueled the speculation. In an AMA stream on Twitch at the end of July, Sean explained that Autechre had been asked by Retro Studios if they would make the music. They met with Retro representatives in Austin, Texas, and both parties were eager to get started. However, Nintendo disagreed with hiring them for unknown reasons, and instead sent Kenji Yamamoto to work with Retro directly.

Sean previously declined to answer a question about Autechre’s potential role on Prime in another AMA almost a decade ago, citing the non-disclosure agreement he signed.

You can see Sean answer the question at 32:34 in the video below.

Source: VGC

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