Armature Studio bought by Meta Platforms

October 13, 2022 RoyboyX

Armature Studio bought by Meta Platforms

Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook, has acquired Armature Studio and three other game development studios, and absorbed them into its Oculus Studios brand. Armature was founded by three former Retro Studios developers in 2008; as most of you know, Retro created the Metroid Prime Trilogy, and is currently making Metroid Prime 4. Armature released ReCore in 2016, which was described in marketing as made by “the makers of Metroid Prime”, and had a few similarities with Prime as well. Many former Metroid Prime staff at Retro have gone on to work for Armature.

It is currently unknown what game Armature will be working on next as part of Meta. They most recently worked on an Oculus VR port of Resident Evil 4.

Source: Eurogamer

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