Shinesparkers Metroid Dread Video: Get involved!

October 1, 2021
October 1, 2021 Darren

Shinesparkers Metroid Dread Video: Get involved!

Four years ago, we put together a special video to commemorate the release of Metroid: Samus Returns on Nintendo 3DS. Members of the community shared photographs of their newly acquired game and merchandise. The response was overwhelming, and for the release of Metroid Dread, we would love to try this again!

We are asking Metroid fans to contribute to a new video Shinesparkers are producing, and to capture the moment they received their new game and products in an effort to preserve it for the future, so people can look back and see what happened on the day Metroid Dread released. We would love to include as many entries as we possibly can from all parts of the world! It’s also our aim to share the video with Nintendo and MercurySteam in an effort to show the fan support!

Examples of what you can share could include the following:

Photographs of your new game, special edition, amiibo, and other promotional items purchased on the day of release, even your digital products.

Video footage (No more than 30 seconds) of the moment you collect your video game, or an unboxing)

Video footage (No more than 30 seconds) sharing a personal message of how much the release of Dread and the Metroid means to you.

Fans should email Shinesparkers before October 15th 2021 and provide one or more of the following, along with their Twitter username so they can be credited in the video:

  • Photograph of their Metroid Dread related products (Special, standard editions, any merchandise, all within one image) as an attachment
  • A link to some clear video footage (Uploaded to Google Drive, one file, no more than 30 seconds long) with no effects added.
  • A short message in text of around around 20-30 words with a message to include within our video.

Please note: All of this will be compiled into a single video and uploaded to our YouTube channel at a later date, and shared via social media using the #SamusIsBack hashtag. We may not be able to include everyone if we become inundated with entries, but we will try to include as many as possible! We reserve the right to make changes and edits to content shared to fit within our scope of the video.

Here’s an example of a previous video we put together to mark the release of Metroid: Samus Returns!

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