Retro Studios is looking for a Lead Producer for Metroid Prime 4

August 14, 2020
August 14, 2020 RoyboyX

Today, Retro Studios shared a tweet promoting an open position for Lead Producer on Metroid Prime 4. The job has been open since May 11, 2020, so it seems they have not been able to find one. The job listing is below. Some of the requirements include experience with JIRA, Confluence and MS Office Suite, communication and organizational skills, and a minimum of ten years of production experience in game development.

It is important to remember that jobs are filled and reopened all the time in game development. There was staff turnover during the development of the first Metroid Prime, with some team members leaving after completing their work and some staying onboard. This is no different, and should not be taken to mean that Metroid Prime 4’s development process is stalled. To anyone who applies for this job, we wish you good luck, and we hope that everyone at Retro Studios and Nintendo is staying safe and healthy during these challenging times.

Source: Twitter/Nintendo Careers