Episode 11 – End of Year 2020

December 30, 2020
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December 30, 2020 Shinesparkers

Episode 11 – End of Year 2020
Shinesparkers Podcast

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For our eleventh podcast, the team close out 2020 by discussing a year of working on Shinesparkers, and how Metroid has helped them through the challenges of the global pandemic. The team also highlight the tenth anniversary of the community and their favourite features, and highlight some of your comments in our mailbag! This podcast features host Amanda, and team members Darren, Roy and TriforceGuy!

01:45 – Topic: A year of Shinesparkers
21:23 – Mailbag: How our readers have dealt with the pandemic
30:03 – Topic: Ten years of Shinesparkers
49:30 – Bloopers