Episode 10 – Rainfall Films (Metroid: The Sky Calls)

November 28, 2020
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November 28, 2020 Shinesparkers
Shinesparkers Podcast
Shinesparkers Podcast
Episode 10 - Rainfall Films (Metroid: The Sky Calls)

For our tenth podcast, we are joined by Sam Balcomb and Jeff Dodson of Rainfall Films, a company that specialises in production, post-production and audio, and were responsble for the fan film Metroid: The Sky Calls. The movie was created back in 2015 and starred Jessica Chobot and America Young as Samus Aran. To mark its fifth anniversary, we prepared an interview to find out more about the project. The podcast also features host Amanda, and team members Darren and Dalagonash. Check out our feature-length podcast below!

00:31 – Guests: Sam Balcomb & Jeff Dodson
1:22:27 – Topic: Our favourite moments from Metroid: The Sky Calls
1:31:10 – Bloopers

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