Episode 05 – Elias Thompson (Metroid Headquarters)

May 8, 2020
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May 8, 2020 Shinesparkers
Shinesparkers Podcast
Shinesparkers Podcast
Episode 05 - Elias Thompson (Metroid Headquarters)

Our fifth episode features Metroid Headquarters founder Elias Thompson, who you may have seen taking part in the Metroid Headquarters Metroid Marathons (MHQThon) over the years. Elias has been a constant support to Shinesparkers throughout our history, and its fantastic to have him on our podcast to share his memories of Metroid Headquarters, his charitable endeavors through MHQthon, his personal projects and his ideas on which planets and environments he would like to see Samus revisit in a future Metroid title. This episode also features our Host Amanda, and team members RoyboyX and Darren.

01:16 – Guest: Elias Thompson
31:23 – Topic: Where would you like to see Samus return to in future Metroid games?
37:42 – Bloopers