Nintendo Canada Rep states Federation Force was “A great package” but got bad rep

October 28, 2017
October 28, 2017 KomodoZero

EP Network had an opportunity to speak with Nintendo of Canada communications manager Andrew Collins regarding Metroid Prime: Federation Force and the reputation it got from the public.

It was a great package. You had Blast Ball, which was this really interesting 3-player, sci-fi football. Then you also had Federation Force, a separate game itself which was this 4-player bounty hunter game, and it’s a shame because… because it didn’t feature Samus, fans were very very critical. Samus appears a tiny bit much later into the game. And so because of that, it was seen ‘we don’t want this version, get rid of it, and give us the one that we want.’ And it’s unfortunate for Federation Force because it got a bad rap, it wasn’t the game which people felt it was.

EP Network produced a Nintendo sponsored documentary on the Metroid series featuring Collins’ thoughts on the game late last month.

Source: EP Network