Metroid Prime 3 Samus Figma is getting a reissue

July 28, 2019
July 28, 2019 RoyboyX

2017 saw the release of the third ever Figma of Samus, depicting her more “classic” appearance in the Metroid Prime series, as opposed to the Other M Power Suit design. These figures are quite popular and quite expensive, and they quickly sell out. If you didn’t get this Figma before, you’re in luck, because Good Smile Company has announced that they are reissuing the Figma to people who preorder it from July 24th to August 21st, 2019. Those who do will receive their Figmas beginning in January 2020. You can preorder it at the link below if you’re in the United States or Canada. If you’re in another country, here is a link to partner shops in other parts of the world: Good Smile

Source: Good Smile US

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