Metroid Dread’s Boss Rush mode now available

April 8, 2022
April 8, 2022 RoyboyX

Metroid Dread’s Boss Rush mode now available

Late tonight, Nintendo released the second free update for Metroid Dread that was announced back in February during the Nintendo Direct. This update adds the anticipated Boss Rush mode, in which you fight all the bosses one by one, with your damage carrying over to the next fight. Your missiles get restored after each fight, however. You unlock Boss Rush by completing the game once.

That’s not all, however – there’s a Practice Mode so you can prepare yourself and leaderboards to track your completion times. If you complete Boss Rush, you will unlock Survival Rush, which is a time-sensitive version of Boss Rush. Defeating bosses adds time to your clock, as does defeating them without taking damage. Your energy and missiles do not refill after each boss. Finally, there’s Dread Rush, which is unlocked by beating Dread Mode. You must defeat 12 bosses back to back without getting hit once, otherwise it’s Game Over.

This update is available now. Best of luck to those of you attempting any of these modes!

Source: Nintendo

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