Free Updates for Metroid Dread Add New Modes

February 9, 2022
February 9, 2022 Darren

Free Updates for Metroid Dread Add New Modes

Metroid Dread is receiving some free updates to enhance the existing game. From today, Metroid Dread will include two new mode! Dread Mode will offer a great challenge for players, where a single hit will cause an instant game over. For new players, a Rookie Mode will also be available, offering increased recovery to help those players who struggle. Both of these modes are available right now. In April, a Boss Rush mode will allow you to face bosses continuously, one at a time.

We are delighted to see Metroid Dread receive some free updates to enhance the game even further!

UPDATE: The updates are now available. Rookie Mode increases enemy and ammo replenishments, decreases boss attack damage and the durability of their projectile attacks, increases the Missiles you have at the start, and makes some Finish Counters are easier. The Results Screen also shares new details (only for files started after the update), and fixes an issue where Samus sliding down a surface and touching a frozen enemy would crash the game. The demo of Metroid Dread available on the eShop has been updated as well to add Rookie Mode, and extend it so you can fight Corpius (without crashing the game this time).

You can read the patch notes here.

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