MercurySteam originally pitched Metroid Fusion Remake

August 19, 2017
August 19, 2017 KomodoZero

MercurySteam originally pitched Metroid Fusion Remake

With Metroid: Samus Returns just on the horizon, more details are emerging by the day. One interesting thing to note in the current Game Informer magazine is that developer MercurySteam had originally come forward to Nintendo with a remake of Metroid Fusion, instead being put in charge of a Metroid II remake.

With all of Nintendo’s internal studios busy with other projects, Sakamoto needed to find a development team that could tackle his dream project. Fortunately, one studio had been pounding on Nintendo’s door with a Metroid pitch. After finishing work on a few Castlevania projects for Konami, the Madrid-based developer MercurySteam pitched Nintendo on the idea of remaking Metroid Fusion – the 2002 GBA title where Samus got infected with a parasitic organism. Sakamoto was impressed with the studio pitch and their love for Metroid. He told them no, they couldn’t remake Metroid Fusion… but he did need their help on another remake.

Metroid: Samus Returns launches worldwide on September 15th.

Source: Game Informer Magazine

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