In Memory of Daniel Woodyer (Pirate Crab)

April 27, 2023
April 27, 2023 Darren

In Memory of Daniel Woodyer (Pirate Crab)

I am deeply saddened by the news that Daniel Woodyer, a.k.a PirateCrab, has passed away. Daniel contributed to three of our albums, making his debut on Harmony of Heroes with Pirate’s Road, and There’s No Metal on Zebes. Shortly after, he contributed a third track called Shadow of the Core for the follow-up album, Harmony of Heroes: Final Smash. His most recent work for us was in Harmony of a Hunter Returns, with Kraidosaurus.

Daniel was an outstanding musician, and incredibly hard-working. He could be counted on to deliver a high quality track to deadline, and never backed down from a challenge. He was flexible and enthusiastic about each project he was involved in, and an absolute pleasure to work with. While we didn’t speak too often outside of projects, I knew him well enough as a pretty chill, laid back guy, with a great sense of humour. I will always be thankful for his contribution to our albums, and his music will live on with us all.

On behalf of Shinesparkers, and the Harmony teams, we share our condolences with Daniel’s friends, family and those who loved him during this difficult time.

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