Feature: Civilisations Lurking Beyond

December 18, 2020
December 18, 2020 Darren

The universe of Metroid is a pretty large place, and outside of Samus Aran, Dark Samus, Ridley and other recurring characters, there are several that we still don’t know a great deal about. There are a number of cool facts out there though, some of which were revealed through official marketing materials, or through our own interviews and investigations here at Shinesparkers! Our team member Quadraxis has attempted to highlight some of the lesser-known characters referenced in Metroid Prime Hunters, such as the Kriken, Vhozon and Phrygisians for his latest civilisation series of features for Shinesparkers. We hope you will check it out, and hopefully learn a few things about these cool additions to the series!

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