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For the final Community Spotlight of 2023, we’re featuring Pajarona, a professional artist and Metroid fan with a fascination for the series’ suit and its most famous antagonist, Ridley. We hope you’ll considering checking more of her work!


Nice to meet you everybody. The name’s Pajarona (my artist handle which means “bird brain” kinda) or Knux (my gaming handle, based on, well, Knuckles the echidna), whichever one works. I’m a professional designer and self taught illustrator. I’ve been drawing all my life pretty much but decided to make it one of my sources of income almost a year and a half ago.

I’ve been gaming since I was very little. But I became a fan of Metroid with Metroid Prime when it came out. From there I’ve been obsessed with the world the games present, especially the suits and Ridley. Creature, mechs, horror and sci-fi design are my thing so you could say Metroid hits all these spots nicely.

I feel my mission in the Metroid community is keeping the hype for Prime and Ridley alive. This game means so much to me and I would gladly keep drawing fanart to maintain that spark shining on. I hope I have succeeded on making you smile with my creations and (sometimes) absurdities.

Our Thoughts


Pajarona is an incredibly talented artist, she definitely makes some of the best Ridley fanarts out there! The vibrant colors and amazing perspective always make her art stand out a lot from what we’re used to see. The artwork set in lower Norfair with a back view of Ridley looks particularly impressive to me, the game’s ambience is caught very nicely!

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For more of Pajarona’s works, please visit one of the links below:
Ko-fi page
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