Episode 18 – Flat Egg

October 17, 2021
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October 17, 2021 Shinesparkers

Episode 18 – Flat Egg

Shinesparkers Metroid Podcast
Shinesparkers Metroid Podcast
Episode 18 - Flat Egg

Our eighteenth episode of the Shinesparkers Podcast is now available! In this episode our team discuss their thoughts on the newly released Metroid Dread, delving deep into the lore of the game, and the controversy surrounding MercurySteam and crediting. We also answer some messages from the mailbag! Darren takes on hosting duties this time around, with team member Roy. Our social media manager and Community Spotlight manager Glaedrax is also here, making his debut podcast appearance!

Please be aware that this episode will contain major spoilers from Metroid Dread. If you wish to avoid spoilers, please listen to this episode later.

01:09 – Main topic: Our thoughts on Metroid Dread
22:37 – Topic: MercurySteam crediting controversy
30:53 – Mailbag: Where do you want to see the traditional series of Metroid go next?
36:56 – Bloopers

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