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For this Community Spotlight, we are highlighting a very talented animator and artist called Benjamin (aka Superstupidy) who has been animating seriously since 2014. Benjamin is a passionate Metroid fan, which is clear by the sheer amount of effort he puts into his animations, which can be found on his YouTube channel.


Hello. My name is Benjamin. I’ve been working seriously with animation and drawing for about six years, but I’ve been dabbling for as long as I can remember. I was introduced to the concept of “stop motion” when I was very young. My best friend’s father had us go outside so he could film us one frame at a time, pretending to be race cars going around a track. I’ve been pretty fascinated by frame by frame animation ever since.

I was introduced to Metroid many years later by another friend of mine. He had been playing Metroid Fusion on his Game Boy Advance and I thought it looked interesting. I bought Metroid Primes 1-3, not realizing they were completely different games from the one I had been shown, and pretty soon, I was hooked on the gameplay. Now, I would describe Metroid as my number one favorite IP, coming in front of LEGO’s Bionicle, and Star Wars.

Since I’ve been creating animation online, the bulk of the driving force behind it has been Metroid related, and I’ve finished over ten Metroid fan animations. I have started a series in which I animate various boss battles from the Metroid series via community voting, and put out a pilot about a year ago. Unfortunately this pilot was not very successful and so I’ve decided to devote my time to projects that I’m more passionate about in the meantime, though I do intend to come back to it.

Next to all of this I’ve been working on a Metroid fan game with a group of guys online. “Metroid Infusion” has been a slow moving project since we’ve all started to grow up and deal with school and employment, but it continues to move forward. I still have ideas for countless Metroid animations and hope to continue work on them in the future.

Our Thoughts


I was really blown away by the quality and effort of Superstupidy’s animations. My favourite is probably “Brinstar’s Plumbing Problem” which featured Samus running through Brinstar with some really awesome moves that were not seen in the game, but would feel so natural if they were there. In addition to that, the animation had some great music, humour and I am surprised I didn’t find his work sooner. Benjamin’s work is underrated and deserves attention and recognition. I urge you to check out his work on YouTube and support him on the links we have provided below!


For more of Superstupidy’s works, please visit one of the links below: