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Son of Fire Cosplay

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We are pleased to share the work of Son of Fire Cosplay. When he isn’t hard at work creating impressive looking costumes, he is an engineer and business owner. His award winning creations feature a Varia Suit, Phazon Suit and a Federation Trooper costume. His next project is a Phazon Suit, and is currently selling his 3D models for Samus on his Etsy page (links below).

Son of Fire Cosplay

Hello I’m Son of Fire Cosplay and I’m an engineer, small business owner, and cosplayer. I’m also a huge nerd who enjoys video games. As such, I found myself playing the demos for Metroid Fusion, Metroid Prime, and later Metroid: Zero Mission at my local Walmart (back when you could play demos there). At the time I didn’t even know what I was playing, just that it was fun to play. Little did I know how fast one can get addicted to the Metroid franchise. I first got into Metroid when my mom got me a gamecube for christmas and later Metroid prime. As a kid this game actually scared me, as it had at the time, hyper realistic environments and a dark atmosphere. It was more of a horror action adventure game for me. Later on I would find out how light hearted it was when Prime 2 came out. It was also around this time I started to make really bad costumes made from tin foil and duct tape for fun.  

Jump ahead a few years and I’ve took up cosplay at the ripe age of twelve. Although it wasn’t Metroid that pushed me there, it was a similar competitor, Halo, that did. I would go on making costumes from Halo for quite some time, but I also would enjoy playing Metroid more than any other game; Especially now that I was old enough to both understand the story in the games and appreciate it. Sometime during high school I chose to make not Samus, but a federation marine with the PED system from Prime 3. Being a new release at the time, no one knew who it was or where it was from, but all enjoyed the chrome armor. It was also around this time I created Son of Fire and my business C4 props. In college I made my first attempt at cosplaying Samus. The cosplay was rushed, unbalanced, and overall not my best work at the time, but it was still recognizable. This was the first Phazon Suit and It actually won the crossplay contest at Gencon!

Skip forward three years, and few cosplays later and you get an artist who is not satisfied with that old Phazon Suit. Thus, the rebuild project began. By this time, I had become an engineer and was able to 3D model and 3D print assets. I ended up modelling the entire Metroid prime Varia Suit and cannon. The cannon even opened and closed like in-game, but I only ended up using the helmet and cannon for the costume. The rebuild took six months to make and some unorthodox methods to make a reality. The costume requires an hourglass corset be worn and around 20 lbs be set on the head and shoulders. The cannon alone was around 10 lbs and would wear out your arms quickly. It also is fully illuminated with LEDs and reflective paint to boost the appearance. For the 2019 C2E2 Crown Championship Samus was selected to compete in the world class contest in Chicago, and would end up placing 3rd in the FX division. 

Today I still am cosplaying and currently am working on the Fusion Suit. So, someday soon you might see a guy in blue spandex wrapped space drag, representing the hunter herself; and if you wanted to as well, all of my 3d models for Samus are on Etsy. See you next mission… 

Our Thoughts


Son of Fire Cosplay has created some great Metroid themed costumes that we rarely see represented in the cosplay scene. I appreciate the fact that the Federation Trooper costume was created, I believe it is the first one I have ever seen, and hopefully not the last! As for the Phazon Suit, it is my absolute favourite suit from the series, and Son of Fire has done a teriffic job with it. I am eagerly anticipating his Fusion Suit, and can’t wait to see what the future holds for him! Be sure to check out his Etsy store, all of the links to his work can be found at the bottom of the page.

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Photography by Wesley Smith (The Portrait Dude).