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The last Community Spotlight of 2022 features the work of Skylar, a student in Game Art who became a massive fan of the Metroid series shortly after the announcement of the Metroid Dread game last year. She made tons of fantastic fanart based on Samus’ appearances in the game, but also on the look she had in older games of the series.


Hey there! My name is Skylar and I’m a digital artist with a never-ending passion for video games. I’m a full-time student, studying Game Art and Development. I’ve also been doing freelance art since December 2021.

I picked up Super Metroid in August of last year on a whim because I was bored. I’d never played a Metroid game, but I’ve known Samus ever since playing Super Smash Bros. 64 as a child. What I didn’t expect was to instantly fall in love with her. Her story, her personality, her abilities, and her long list of dangerous feats were captivating to me. Metroid combines so many game elements that I adore and now I consider it my favorite video game series.

The release of Metroid Dread inspired me to become a part of the online gaming community. I joined Twitter as a humble artist and started posting my drawings of Samus. Over time, as I got more and more familiar with her character, my art got more and more attention. One of my most popular works is a crossover between the green-haired Justin Bailey Samus from the original Metroid and the Metroid Suit from the finale of Metroid Dread. This was the first time I’d ever felt so much love for my art. It made me realize how supportive and welcoming the Metroid community is. It’s amazing how being a fan of a video game can help you find the best friendships and motivate you to push yourself further every day.

Through all of this, my love for video games has been reignited stronger than ever before. I’m excited to be pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Game Art so I can eventually contribute to games that are just as fun as the Metroid series. I know I’ll learn skills that will help my personal art as well, like character design and animation. One of my major future goals is to open an online store for prints, posters, and stickers so that people can own some of my art. I hope that I continue to make an impact on the Metroid community and share my love for Samus with everyone!

Our Thoughts


Skylar’s super vibrant and colorful art never fails to catch my eye. I love the way she renders Samus’s armor! I’ve been following her for quite a while now and it’s a pleasure to see more and more of her Metroid art since Dread was announced. That Metroid Suit piece with the flashy red background absolutely stunned me, it’s fantastic!

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