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Sam Dillard

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Sam Dillard is a self-taught visual and musical artist and has been creating content since his early teens. He has experience in games design and has been involved in martial arts for many years.

Within the Metroid community, Sam is best known for his musical arrangements and 3D animations. His popularity grew when his pieces “Into the Green World” and “Mission Complete: Ending Suite” were featured on the Metroid fan-arrangement album Harmony of a Hunter (2010). Since then, he has created several pieces of music for the “Harmony of” series of albums, along with his own epic symphonic masterpiece “Metroid Cinematica” which envisions the music of the Metroid series as a film score.

Sam Dillard

My main passion has always sprung from the realm of game design and filmmaking. I write stories and come up with scenes and worlds in my head and that’s what primarily dictates nearly all of my art and music works. I rarely make anything just for the heck of it, from drawings to songs, all of it usually serves a greater vision. Most of my original and game remixes are merely audio slices from some sort of movie scene or story I imagine when I create them.

I am entirely self-taught in all of my work with the exception of martial arts training; I was drawing from the day my fingers could hold a pencil, learned how to play music on keyboards as a child and eventually figured out how to use computers to link everything together and become a primarily digital artist in my early teen years.

Whilst I am primarily known as a composer and game remix artist, it’s difficult for me to describe myself strictly as such because it’s just one facet of many equally driving aspirations that have fueled me all my life. If I had all the time in the world, I would probably only make full length movies or games – mediums which combine all of my artistic interests into one package.

At the moment, I fall squarely under the ‘starving artist’ cliche; however, so my time is spread thin between trying to find work just to survive as well as pursuing these various passions. Over the last few years I’ve been involved in some cool projects like Harmony Of A Hunter by Shinesparkers and I also ran two successful Kickstarter campaigns such as my latest project, Zelda Cinematica, and gaining a number of new fans along the way.

I’ve only known very modest success so far, but I deeply appreciate the fans who have stumbled across my work and have given amazing encouragement!

Our Thoughts


I have personally worked with Sam on a number of exciting musicial projects, our first being Harmony of a Hunter. When I was searching for musicians to be a part of the album, I found his work on YouTube and was blown away by the quality of the samples he used and the the quality of the arrangements he had produced. Sam’s work is impactful, it brings out your emotions and can make you smile, gasp and even cry. It’s pretty rare to find someone with such dedication and discipline to have come so far, simply by learning the craft all by himself.

Over the years I have seen Sam work through some challenging personal circumstances, only to see him improve and refine his work further. He hasn’t given up on his dreams and passions, and for that I applaud him. Not only is he one of my favorite musicians, he has created some incredible animations to complement his musical offerings. Thank you Sam, for everything you have created so far, and for all the adventures still to come!

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