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In this Community Spotlight, we are presenting the work of RyRyCosmos, an illustrator and character designer who makes a lot of fanart based on video games and anime, including Pokémon, Mega Man and of course, Metroid. His eye-catching style is mostly inspired by Mega Man Battle Network and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. We hope you’ll consider checking out his social media pages and give him a follow to support his great work!


Hiya! I’m known as RyRyCosmos online but you can call me Ryan; I’m a character designer and illustrator with an eye for fabulous characters. From an early age I’ve always drawn, it was just second nature to me and having that paired with my love for video games I found myself in a beautiful cycle of creativity from the hobbies I had as a kid. Being granted the opportunity to study Illustration and later pursuing a career in it has brought a lot of joy in my life; especially with sharing the work I’ve produced online for many to enjoy. My mantra with my work has been to create the stories and characters I wish my younger self could have had; so I’ve strived for this goal of harmonizing my younger self’s dreams with my older self’s skill. The product has led me down a fabulous adventure of getting to showcase my work for not only my clients but also various individuals online that I’ve been fortunate enough to have met along way.

Through many of the pieces I’ve created I’ve enjoyed most getting to draw our favorite bounty hunter, Samus Aran; even after all these years I’ve loved her design so much. The Metroid series has a special place in my heart, ever since I was first introduced to Samus funny enough through Super Smash Bros on the N64. First thinking she was a robot until I realized there was a human in the suit after seeing the silhouette of a skeleton in the shock animation from Pikachu’s attack. I remember thinking it was so cool that Metroid had a female lead and just how hardcore she was; I had to know more and play the games. I would soon get to experience my first Metroid title on the Game Boy Advance, Metroid Fusion and to this day Fusion is my go to game when I need to keep busy on any travels. A lot of my sci-fi influence stemmed from Metroid’s quirky creatures and environments; I loved how they pushed the aesthetic to be more “colorful” than just cold and sterile. On top of that I’ve been fond of the Fusion Suit as I loved how it broke the design aesthetic we had grown to love from Samus; that suit always felt sleek to me and now getting to draw it on the regular has made me fall in love with the suit all over again.

Having the opportunity to showcase my Metroid work in itself has been a personal accomplishment I’ve been so blessed by and happy with. The overwhelming responses I’ve gotten from things like my Metroid Countdown series in preparation for Dread’s release to my sillier posts like defending Fusion’s Varia Suit (and actually giving it the proper color palette it deserves); have been a blast to share with the internet. I also had my “Ridley Adventure” piece printed through Yetee as a shirt which was definitely a highlight for me. Trust me the fun won’t stop there, I have a lot of exciting projects lined up for the year involving collaborations and merch; I want to specifically start pushing my designs into a more commercial space for many to have access to it. Plus, I’d love to work with any animation and video game studios as a character designer or concept artist; who knows maybe one day I can help with a remake for one of my favorite games in the world. Only time will tell!

Our Thoughts


Samus looks really good in RyRy’s very flashy and dynamic artstyle, even the Fusion Varia Suit! Metroid is a universe that manages to be very eerie while still using very bright colors, and I think his style fits the series quite well. The way he colors the Power Suit is true eye candy!

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For more of RyRy’s works, please visit one of the links below:

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