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Robin Lindahl

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We are delighted to be highlighting Robin Lindahl, also known as Cradle of Toys. Robin has a huge passion for Metroid and builds detailed figures from Lego, some of his creations include Meta Ridley, Samus Aran and Kraid. Robin has shared his story on how he began making these models, and some of them can be viewed in the gallery below.

Robin Lindahl

My name is Robin Lindahl from Sweden. I still remember the first time I played Metroid on the NES like it was yesterday. My cousin got it as a birthday gift from his parents in 1988, when it was released in Europe. Once we put the game in the console we immediately noticed… the music, the graphics, the atmosphere! Now thirty years have passed and I still play the game with the same feelings in mind…

I have always been a creative person, so when our son started playing with Lego I couldn’t resist doing the same. Two years have passed and I’m still into it, it’s so much fun! I have managed to build some really cool Lego creations, and of course I built some Metroid figures!

My first Metroid build was Meta Ridley, it turned out really nice so I kept going. Some Samus and Metroid variants took form. One of the people who inspired me to build Lego Mocs was Jared Rosenblitt, a very skilled builder who has built several Metroid Lego creations. When I first saw his version of Kraid I just got that ‘must have’ feeling! So, my latest build turned out to be a kind of remake of Jared’s Lego Kraid.

Our Thoughts


When I first saw these fantastic photographs of Robin’s models, I knew we had to feature him in a Community Spotlight. It’s pretty incredible to see just how detailed some of these creations are, and how many different shapes and colours of Lego he used to get them looking perfect. My favourite has to be Meta Ridley, because I adore the pose and I think he got the colours spot on! I admire the quality of the photographs and lighting used, which really make these models shine. It further proves just how creative the Metroid community really is, they never cease to amaze me.

Image Gallery

For more of Robin Lindahl’s works, please visit one of the links below: