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Phazon Pixie

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Our spotlight for today is Phazon Pixie, a cosplayer who’s been prolific in the last few years with her Samus and Zero Suit Samus costumes. She’s been featured in magazines and had guest appearances at conventions, amongst many other website features. Phazon Pixie is a very natural fit for the role of Samus in her cosplay and we are happy to showcase her works.

Phazon Pixie

I’m Claire, a US-based cosplayer! In 2016, I started building cosplay armor to fulfil my dream of becoming Samus Aran, though I have yet to build a functioning plasma cannon. In mid-2017, I launched Phazon Pixie Cosplay, and since then, I’ve been featured as a cosplay guest at PenguiCon and my work has appeared in CosplayZine and Cosplay Realm Magazine. I’ve also been featured by, Screen Rant, Mineralblu, The Art of Cosplay, Metroid Database, GeekxGirls, and others.

After called me “adorably badass,” that has become my brand. My favorite part of cosplay is tough armor builds for tougher heroines. My dream is to make a full phazon suit someday, but currently I have a few more video game and anime heroines in the pipeline.

I’ve been a fan of Samus since, as a teen, I learned the “armored robot” in Super Smash Bros. Melee was actually a kickass woman. I found and played all the Metroid Prime games, dug into the manga, and sought out earlier games in the franchise. Samus’s quiet heroism and self-reliance have made her my favorite video game character for over a decade.

I’m also a sci-fi & fantasy author, and my love for stoic female protagonists like Samus is part of what inspired me to start writing!

Our Thoughts


Phazon Pixie is another great example of a cosplayer who puts a great deal of care and attention into their craft, which translates to all the recognition she has received for her outstanding projects. If her Zero Suit and Varia Suit cosplays are anything to go by, her full Phazon Suit will be absolutely spectacular, and we can’t wait to see it. Best of luck to you Claire!

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For more of Phazon Pixie’s works, please visit one of the links below:

Phazon Pixie

Photography by: Bad Wolf Photography, Matt Sobo, and Inspired Video Marketing