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Pennaz is an animator who has been creating Metroid parodies on YouTube since 2008. He created a four-part Metroid: Zero Mission animation, and this Spotlight will feature his next big endeavour, Metroid Fusion!


Ciao! I’m Riccardo, Pennaz on the internet. I’m an Italian guy with a big passion for comics, animation and videogames.

I’ve been uploading goofy cartoons on the internet since 2008, I love to create my own characters and stories, but I also enjoy making fan animations and parodies of my favorite games franchises, one of those is Metroid.

I completed my first Metroid animated project back in 2012, a 4 episodes series based on Zero Mission, it was a great experience for me and, to my surprise, was enjoyed by many people on YouTube.

Apart from a Christmas related short I didn’t do much with Samus in the following years though, mainly because I wanted to focus more on creating my own original cartoons while working hard to improve my animation skills. The announcement of Samus Return and Prime 4 really made me want to go back to the series …and what better game to start animating the bounty hunter again than Fusion, my very first Metroid game?

This is a really personal project to me as I’m making everything myself: story, animation, editing, even sound design and music.
Since I began working as a freelance video maker my free time hugely diminished compared to when I was a student; being animation a really time consuming process I’m not sure when I’ll manage to finish this work, still, the project is steadily growing frame by frame and I’m feeling more creative than ever! I can’t wait to share it with the world, in the meantime here are a few screenshots and a clip from the cartoon!

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I remember watching Pennaz’s Kraid and Ridley shorts around when they were released and dying of laughter. They were hilarious and some of the best and most popular Metroid animations on YouTube. I eagerly anticipated the Mother Brain short after it was teased at the end of Ridley’s, and I loved it (particularly the Brain Training spoof) and the subsequent Space Pirate Mother Ship short. I can’t wait to see what animation projects Pennaz completes next. It’s been a long while, but like a new Metroid game, it takes time to deliver something epic. Pennaz’s animations keep getting better and better, and I’m very excited to see him grow and thrive as an animator in the future.

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