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What would the internet be without a good meme? Thankfully, Metroid-Memes have your needs covered. The popular social media accounts have entertained fans online for some time, and today we are highlighting the person behind it all, who continues to give us something to smile about.

Metroid Memes

My name is Sterling, the creator of the Facebook and Twitter page Metroid-Memes.

I created the Facebook page in June of 2017 after the announcement of Metroid Prime 4 and Metroid Samus Returns during E3. The excitement of two new games was enough to finally push myself to create the page with many Metroid fans now coming back to the series. I had spent a lot of time in my teenage and current years browsing memes with my friends and I enjoy creating them. Anyone who knows me personally knows I rarely take anything seriously and love to joke around.

Putting my passion for Metroid and memes together came naturally. I later created the Twitter account as an attempt to reach out to as many fans as possible. I try to make as much original content as possible and will sometimes attempt to draw my own short paneled comic memes. I do not have a grand goal for the pages, just to keep posting weekly and keeping current with the memes.

I have been a longtime Metroid fan. The first ever videogame I purchased was Metroid Zero Mission. The commercial for the game played over and over again on the Saturday morning cartoons, and after playing the demo at a Target kiosk, I purchased it right away. I have bought every Metroid game after that and become an avid collector for the series. My favorite game of the series is Metroid Zero Mission, with Metroid Prime Pinball being the extremely, extremely, close second.

I sometimes laugh at myself because I try to hide the fact that I manage a meme page from most people who know me. Most of my friends and coworkers know how dorky I can be and when I finally tell them about this page, it’s not even surprising to them.

I have plenty of ideas for future memes and comics and promise this page will continue to stay active for a very long time.

Our Thoughts

I’ve been following the Metroid-Memes account for quite a while and it’s always hilarious to see Metroid versions of the latest memes. Sterling always finds a way to adapt them to this universe so fast, it amazes me every time! I make or draw Metroid memes myself sometimes so it’s always funny to see other people’s take on those, and his are always on point. You should definitely follow the Metroid-Memes pages on your social medias so you won’t miss the latest dank Metroid meme!

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