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Metroid Trainer

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In this Community Spotlight, we are chuffed to introduce The Metroid Trainer. He is a YouTuber whose content includes Metroid news, imagining bosses in the series as Pokémon, theories such as Metroid Prime’s origins and explanations of mysteries. The Metroid Trainer’s content is a great resource for those looking to learn more about the Metroid series.

Metroid Trainer

Hi everyone! My name is Edwardo, AKA The Metroid Trainer! I run a YouTube channel dedicated to talking about all things Metroid. Now I love the Metroid series for many reasons, from the sci-fi setting, to the mysterious lore, and cool alien designs. I got into Metroid by playing Metroid Fusion when I was around nine years old, and the series has always held a special place in my heart. Also I also love Pokémon, which is why my online name is a mash-up Metroid with a Pokémon Trainer.

Now I’ve been making videos on my channel since 2015 during my last semester in high school, as a way to get into video editing. I’ve always wanted to get into YouTube prior to this, but I had no skills, equipment, or idea on how to even start that. Luckily I was able to enroll into a class that taught some very basic photoshopping skills and video editing, so after a few lessons on how to cut images and splice video, I started the channel. I started off by doing some “Let’s Plays” and random gaming videos, but eventually focused on Metroid when Metroid Prime Federation Force was announced. It’s funny to say that Metroid Prime Federation Force was the game that got me to focus on making Metroid content. The game’s announcement really killed a lot of the community’s morale, as it seemed that Metroid was gonna be another one of Nintendo’s forgotten IPs. It was a huge bummer to see, and I wanted to change that. I only had twenty subscribers at the time, but I took it upon myself to talk about Metroid in the hopes of getting people interested in the series. I soon found out I love gushing about Metroid. I love this series so much, but I had no one to talk to about it, so to have an outlet to be able to rant about the series was great. I originally started by talking about theories, but I eventually expanded to talking about discussion points, explaining lore, reviewing the games, and just talking about my general opinions on the series.

Now I have a channel with about 10k subscribers and I’m happy to make these Metroid videos. It’s a huge accomplishment and I never thought I’ll grow this big. Though i don’t focus on making videos, I treat it as a hobby. I’m actually going to college to get a career in Graphic Design/Communications. I just use YouTube as a way to practice and refine my skills in video editing since I’m currently focusing on general ED classes, I don’t have many chances to grow those skills until I transfer to another school. From first hand experience running my channel, I’ve learned so much about script writing, voice recording, video editing, photo editing, and design that I would never have learned otherwise. I still have so much to learn, but I’m so excited to see how i can improve in the future. I’m happy that people enjoy my content and I look forward to making new videos.

Our Thoughts


I first found The Metroid Trainer in my YouTube recommendations and checked him out. His videos are entertaining, offering detailed and visual explanations of  informative facts about the Metroid franchise. I particularly enjoyed his rebuttal to Game Theory’s video about Metroid’s “Hidden Threat”, and his Arm Cannon unboxing video (I too have played with it). Edwardo is very passionate about the Metroid series and you should definitely check out his channel. All the best to him with his future videos!

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